From The Desk of Joshua Zamora and Andrew Naser:


Dear Fellow Online Marketer, 

Have you tried profiting with video marketing and ended up getting little to no traction?

Have You Spent Hours Upon Hours Doing Keyword Research Only to STILL be left with the uncertainty if you picked the “right” keywords? 

Are you Tired of Using Complicated And Expensive Software That Leaves You More Confused than when you started?

It sucks to put in lots of time and get nothing in return, doesn’t it?

You’re not alone my friend. I know the feeling all too well.

Do you know that most people who try video marketing quickly become fatalities due to poor results?

But, do you know WHY most people fail?  

After using video to profit online for the last 2 years and teaching THOUSANDS of other people to do the same, there’s one thing that has caused more failure than any other hurdle.

And That Hurdle is….Incorrect Competitive Analysis!

You see, if you get your competition analysis WRONG your campaign is DOOMED to fail right from the start.

The last thing you want to do is go into a campaign blindly – or with misinformation – and have to wait 2,3 or even 4 weeks to find out you’re targeting keywords that are too competitive or that won’t ever convert into a sale.

But don’t worry I have good news for you….

It’s really not that hard to free yourself from joining the 99% of video marketers who play the “SEO Lottery” and FAIL.

You know, the ones who are struggling every single day to rank their videos on the first page of Google for profitable keywords. The ones who consistently fail miserably.

Do you want to know how to consistently win at this game? Do you want to FINALLY join the Winners Club?

After all, the rumors you’ve heard about video marketing being the hottest way to make money around are true, IF you know what you’re doing.

When you know what you’re doing, you get results like this: 

And you make profit like this:

When you know what you’re doing and you’re equipped with the right tools to help you make profit-producing decisions quickly, things get a lot easier for you. 

Today, you have the opportunity to get your hands on a vital tool that does just that.

A tool that sets you apart from EVERY other video marketer out there.

A tool that gives you the much-needed advantage to CRUSH the competition and claim your first page rankings, FAST!


Tube Sniper Pro is changing the way video marketers run their businesses FOREVER.

Whether you’re a newbie or an old pro, you’ll find that Tube Sniper Pro empowers you to charge into profitable new markets, obliterate your competition and bank the spoils of victory…

…And you can start doing it right NOW!

Watch As This Short Demo Video Uncovers The POWER of Tube Sniper Pro:

The bottom line? Tube Sniper Pro is a POWERFUL PC based software that puts high-level market intelligence at your fingertips.

It cuts down your research time, takes away all the guesswork and gives you focus, direction and complete confidence in your video marketing, so you can save time and make the most money possible.

Tube Sniper Pro Software 2.0

Don’t Take Our Word For It:

Here’s A Look Inside Tube Sniper Pro 2.0:

High-Level, Market Intelligence at Your Finger Tips!

Easily Track All Your Video Rankings!

High PageRank Backlink Builder!

Full Proxy Support For Super Users!

Easily Save, Load and Export Your Projects!

Tube Sniper Pro Was Developed BY Video Marketing Pros FOR Video Marketers. It’s The Only Video Marketing Software You Will EVER Need.

Click The Add To Cart Button Below And Arm Yourself With The Power To Obliterate Your Competiton With Tube Sniper Pro 2.0!

Tube Sniper Pro Software 2.0

On top of  Tube Sniper Pro 2.0, you’ll also be getting:

Bonus #1 – A List of 100 High PageRank Sites To Use With TSP 2.0 ($37 Value)

We all know that PageRank is still KING for getting FAST Seo Rankings, but many people do it WRONG!

In this bonus you’ll be getting over 100 High Pagerank, Low outbound links sites – that were hand selected by us – to use with the Backlink Builder Module.

If you went out and tried to find these yourself you will either spend a ton of time and/or money and most likely end up with links that have 2,000-3,000 comments on them.

With just a handful of our selected pages you can rank SUPER fast, even for tougher terms! 

Bonus #2 – Zamurai Clickbank Rolodex Volume 1 ($17 Value)

How about we do the research for you? Inside of our Clickbank Rolodex you’ll be getting 10 High-Converting Products that you can start promoting, TODAY!

Bonus #3 – Zamurai Clickbank Rolodex Volume 2 ($17 Value)

2 is ALWAYS better than 1, so you’re also going to be getting Volume 2 of my Zamurai Clickbank Rolodex. This contains an additional 10 products that you can start promoting, TODAY!

Bonus #4 – Zamurai Millionaire Marketing Rolodex ($17 Value)

Inside of Zamurai Millionaire Marketing Rolodex you will get access to high-commission, low competition affiliate networks that pay up to $500 PER SALE! This will help you to easily and quickly start putting TSP 2.0 to work for you!

Talk about some amazing bonuses, right?

Tube Sniper Pro Software 2.0

Your friends in the video marketing trenches,

Joshua Zamora & Andrew Naser: 

Does Tube Sniper Pro Work on Mac?

TSP is a PC based software. You will need parallels to run on Mac.

Are there any OTO’s and how much?

Just one OTO where you’ll be getting a 5-install license, an expanded list of 300+ High PR Sites AND a brand New video marketing Case Study where I got #1 rankings in 48 hours and have made over $340 in commissions so far. (resources included)

How Many Installs Do I get with just the main software? 

With the front-end software you get one install license. You can get 5 on the OTO, which is a HUGE bargain! 

>>>Click Here To Download Your Copy<<<

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